Monday, May 31, 2021

NCLEX ATT, Test and Results!

 I received my ATT (Authorization to Test) from the NCSBN (National Council States Board of Nursing) on 05/19/2021 (5 days after graduation). You have to go on their website to register for the  NCLEX with Pearson Vue. Once you graduate, & your degree is confirmed, the program will send the info to the State Board of Nursing (in your state). Make sure that you pay the $200 after your register to take the NCLEX before you receive the ATT. If not, you won't get it! After you receive your ATT, THEN you can schedule a test date. I originally scheduled for 06/03. On 05/28 I felt comfortable enough to take it (UWORLD, I got thru 71% of the test bank w/ a good average and landed in the 84 percentile). I passed the 1st NCLEX assessment with a "Highly Likely" to pass, and 7 of my classmate have already taken and passed NCLEX. What was I waiting I did something really brave & moved my date for the next day! 

I took NCLEX on 05/28 at 09:15am. It was a beast! The 1st 8 questions I felt comfortable, then it gave me EVERYTHING I was weak in! I kept as cool as I could be! I walked out feeling defeated. How could I have had one of the highest averages in the class, passed the exit hesi, cat hesi, & Uworld assessment, & do so poorly on NCLEX? I had to wait 48hrs for results. I did NO pvt tricks or anything....just waited! This morning I got my results!


Let me re-introduce myself...I'm Reginald Santiago, RN, EMT-P!!!!!!!

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