Sunday, July 24, 2022

Completed my 1st year as an RN! (My Advice)

 I just completed my first year as a RN! I didn't expect so many twist and turns. June 2021, I started my New Grad Residency on a Covid Floor (Gen Medicine Step-Down). From the start, I knew that Med-Surg / floor nursing wasn't my thing! After a couple of weeks, I realized that it wasn't, so I resigned. I loved the hospital, loved the atmosphere and culture. But, the unit wasn't a fit for me. I later found a job in the Emergency Department and Surgical Services. I love it, and it was more a fit for me. I'm settling in my role as a nurse and getting comfortable. I love being able to use my paramedic skills and mindset again. Your skills will be INVALUABLE in nursing. You will be MILES ahead of any new grad. People will assume that you have been a nurse for a long time. I had to get used to IV pumps, EPIC, using Pixis, and ORDERS LOL! Nursing is a different animal, and I'm working harder than when I was a paramedic. This time instead of one patient, I have 3 to 4. 


New Grad Residencies are VERY competitive. The current nursing shortage is making it worse. There are just not that many preceptors available to train new nurses. My unit only had 4 slots, but 100 applicants. New Grad Residencies only open 2 times a year. Don't get discouraged like I did when interviewing. I wish someone would have told be to be patient. I took the FIRST job I was offered, then quit a month later. If you plan to work in a hospital, (in-patient) experience is must. I have friends that "waited" and worked at clinics (outpatient), now having a hard time finding "in-patient" jobs. It takes a learning curve to work in a hospital, if you have never worked in one. You only get X number of weeks to orient to that unit, before you are turn loose to practice solo. If you don't have inpatient experience, but you have more than 1 year nursing experience, you are NOT a new grad. 

After your new grad period, go to another system. Don't stay and take the pay raise. If you do, you will be underpaid. My base pay increased by $10/hr when I left. If I would have stayed, my raise would have been $1 for completing my residency. See the difference? 

If you are at this stage, congrats........ see ya soon! 

Happy Nursing! 


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  1. Hope you are doing well. I read this from start to finish. I am really wanting to start my bridge program this summer and hope I do half as well as you did! 😁