Saturday, April 4, 2020

04/04 - Covid Class Readjustment Status

So far, we have been online. It's very interesting because I feel as though I learn more this way. My last exam was a 90 (B) so I'm ok with that. We just finished Crohns ds, Ulcerative Colitis, Influenza, & Pneumonia. Our instructor audio records her lecture w/ the slides. 1 advantage is that we can listen over and over. Also, she posted a study guide (we will see how accurate it is this Monday test). The online Pharmacology was been flowing the ways its been due to already being an online class. I feel that more content is delivered this way. No distractions or rushing for class time (breaks or lunch). The ONLY draw back is clinicals. We have these online EHR interactive assignments that really doesn't do any justice so far as I've noticed.  If it was "EPIC" then it would at least give some "experience" per se. We are in perfusion & oxygenation now. My overall takeaway at this point in the program:

1. At this point you will be comfortable with the philosophy behind the exams.

2. You mindset will shift toward nursing away from EMS.

3. Your medic / patho knowledge does help because you will know a great deal about different conditions, i.e diabetes, COPD, asthma, and so on. You will build on top of your basic knowledge. The nursing process is different, so it's not like EMS. In EMS, an acute asthma attack would be treated with  O2, bronchodilator (albuterol), anti-cholinergics (atrovent), and corticosteriod (solumedrol) . You would re-assess while transporting (q 10min). Nursing considers all the above PLUS full panel test i.e  CXR, sputum cultures, pulmonary test, pefr, allergy test, cbc w. diff. Nursing educates the patient the difference between SABA vs LABA, how to proper use mdi, dpi....and so on! This is just 10% of what we would do with this pt! SEE THE DIFFERENCE.......

4. I purchased an NCLEX study guide for more rationales to NCLEX questions.....other good resources include nurse sarah (youtube training videos).

...Hopefully I've given you some great insight! Lastly, READ THE BOOK! Nothing can replace actually reading the chapters!