Friday, December 27, 2019

How to get into the Paramedic to RN Bridge!!!!

I'm writing about my experience that helped me get 1 of the 10 spots available for the bridge program. I started preparing once I decided that Nursing was my route. I made sure that all of the pre-req classes were complete with A's. A grade of "B" was not acceptable for me. A good thing with the bridge program, is that "all" of the pre-req classes required are usually covered in your AAS in EMS degree (at least mine were). Once I completed my EMS degree at Davidson CC, I was ready to apply. Before I completed my degree, I purchased 2 books: The official ATI teas study manual, & Trivium ATI Teas study guide. I also purchased 2 Teas practice test from ATI.


I started 9 months prior to taking the actual test. I first took 1 of the practice test. My score was 74. I focused on the areas that I scored the worst. For me, I felt weaker in math than any other subject. I read BOTH books back to back. I also did all practice assignments and test in the book. I was scoring around 80 ish in the books. 2 weeks before the teas, I took the second ATI practice test and scored a 68 LOL. I was confused! I went back to studying my weaker areas again. I had gotten better in math, but worse in the other areas. On the day of the test, my wife drove me that morning so I could rest, being that Bladen is an hour and twenty min from my house. The math was easier than the questions in the book, but the science was harder. The Trivium book prepared me better than the ATI teas study manual by far. The 2 practice test were PRICELESS. The look, format, and calculator was like the EXACT test. I scored an 80!


Before I took the Teas, I met with the Allied Health/Nursing Director after I graduated with my EMS degree. I wanted a feel for the campus and instructors. I emailed her and stated that I was visiting the campus and would like to meet her and the staff. The DON was one of the nicest people that I've ever met. I met the nursing instructors, and they were very pleasant. I was sold that this program is what I've been looking for.


There is a time line on getting certain things done and turned in i.e transcripts, paramedic card, placement test scores, fasfa and AHA BLS card. Lucky me, I applied to the school a semester early to take Development Psychology, so I had that part taken care of. I had to turn in my shot records, get a physical from my pcp, drug test/ back ground check $70.00 , and fill out a medical hx questionnaire. You only have like 13 days to get this stuff done. Best way is to register to the college a semester early like I did and take a course.


There are lots of fees associated w/ Nursing. It's expensive. Uniforms, shoes, Medical Lab Kit, cost around $450 or so. Tuition for 1st semester with nursing fees, insurance and lab fees was $1048.00.
OH!! don't forget books (3 volumes, 1 drug reference, 1 nursing dx book, hesi prep and FA davis)= $700.00.


The 1st semester consist of  NUR 215 Paramedic to RN Bridge concepts & NUR 117 Pharmacology.

NUR 215 Schedule:
Mon - 08:30am - 3:30pm
Thur - 06:45am - 12:45pm (Lab & Clinicals)

NUR 117 (online)

Hopefully I gave you some guidance and insight!!!!!!!