Friday, April 30, 2021

04/30/2021 Finished Preceptorship/Capstone

 I finished my Mandatory 120 hr Preceptorship. Overall, my experience was GREAT! I can say that the nurses & my preceptor was the best. The experience gave to a look into what the job will be. I can honestly say that I WOULD DEFINITELY take a job there and drive 1hr 30min .... That's how comfortable I felt! I wasn't made to feel "stupid" on things I didn't know OR simple stuff I forgot. My preceptor went over each patient we received, and let me take the primary role once she felt I was ready (my 2nd day lol). 

Key Points:

1. Faculty will make site visits and check on you. Make sure that your "paperwork" (Timesheet & daily goals) are up to date. 

2. Don't slack off. You never know who is watching. Where I did my preceptorship, my preceptor, charge nurse, and MANY others have graduated from the same program. Keep your phone off the floor. Uniform must be "up to par".

3. It's YOUR experience. This is the time to see if you can "handle" this dept or to single out where you want to work. Hopefully, you get the unit of your choice!

4. Have fun! 

So now, I've turned in my preceptor packet, finished my FCCE narratives, turned in my hospital badge, & picked up the study manual for the 3 day HESI Review Course next week! 

2 weeks till Graduation!!!!!!

Almost there!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

04/22/2021 HESI EXIT EXAM

 Just took the Exit Hesi this morning. It's a very long exam. You are going to feel burnt out by this point, BUT HANG IN THERE its almost done. I benchmarked 921. Passing is 900, so I did by the skin of my teeth. I don't have to do remediation. I could have done better. Night shift clinicals and then trying to jump back to day schedule is kinda rough. My car broke down on me earlier this week, so I had to get a rental while getting my car fixed. Word of advice, save money before going to nursing because: 

1. You don't have to sacrifice your study time having to pay bills

2. There are ALOT of "unexpected" expenses in Nursing (Just had to kick out $35 for background check, $15 for fingerprints, $75 for license & $200 for NCLEX.....Plus I had to buy a plain white scrub top for the pinning ceremony).

3. You never know what "life" throws your way......I've spent more in car expenses in the last 6 months than 4 years. (BUT I PLANNED FOR IT)

Right now if you are reading this, you have time to save as much as you can. I saved $12,000 before my 1st day. That allowed me to work just part-time (32 hrs/week) 1st semester, (10 hrs/week) 2nd semester & (20 hrs/week) 1st half of 3rd semester & (0 hrs/weeks) 2nd half of 3rd semester. 

There are people that work full-time while attending. I'm not saying that it cant be done, because MOST of the LPNs and Medics are working full-time, BUT it reflects in there grades. 


Its hard to prepare for! Its covers EVERYTHING. I have been doing UWORLD questions for NCLEX, so I didn't study anything in particular. Some of the questions were similar! I figured "If I don't know it now, then I'm screwed!!!!" ....I just took a chance on what I knew!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

04/14 NUR 213 Finals

 I made a 90 on the final exam last week. Due to the class technically being like a 8-9 weeks format, I was able to retain most of the info. I had to "go back" and review the 1st few weeks to refresh on the material. e now have 2 FCCE (Focused  Client Care Form post). They each are about 1,000 words, very detailed assessments worth a portion of your grade. Most of the work now is focused on your boarding, preceptorship, & paperwork necessary for the school to maintain incase auditing. I have 3 shifts left on my Capstone/ preceptorship. I have an 87 average so far. 2 more exam (Exit HESI & CAT HESI).

Key Points:

* Push Even Harder

* Don't slack off because you are not finished

* Start studying for HESI Exit & NCLEX

Friday, April 2, 2021

04/02 Preceptorship

 I've had 2 shifts so far. The ER is my comfort zone (as a medic). It's a great adjustment being 1 on 1 with a RN. Not to knock my previous clinical instructors or nurses, but I can learn more because the focus is me and not a group. It's great that the nurses are really nice and helpful. Make sure that your FCCE clinical packet is filled out (goals & time sheet). Faculty WILL do a site visit to check in on you. Faculty visited me the 1st day. I passed the final module exam, and benchmarked on the NUR 213 HESI. We have the final next week, so I'm studying while compiling my FCCE narrative. Oh yeah! There are 2 narratives that have to be completed. Each has to be 1,000 words and 2 responses each. The busy work doesn't stop. At this point I can see the finish line. 8 more shifts, a final exam, RN Exit HESI & a CAT HESI. Oh yeah, these freakin narratives lol....

Happy Nursing,