Thursday, April 22, 2021

04/22/2021 HESI EXIT EXAM

 Just took the Exit Hesi this morning. It's a very long exam. You are going to feel burnt out by this point, BUT HANG IN THERE its almost done. I benchmarked 921. Passing is 900, so I did by the skin of my teeth. I don't have to do remediation. I could have done better. Night shift clinicals and then trying to jump back to day schedule is kinda rough. My car broke down on me earlier this week, so I had to get a rental while getting my car fixed. Word of advice, save money before going to nursing because: 

1. You don't have to sacrifice your study time having to pay bills

2. There are ALOT of "unexpected" expenses in Nursing (Just had to kick out $35 for background check, $15 for fingerprints, $75 for license & $200 for NCLEX.....Plus I had to buy a plain white scrub top for the pinning ceremony).

3. You never know what "life" throws your way......I've spent more in car expenses in the last 6 months than 4 years. (BUT I PLANNED FOR IT)

Right now if you are reading this, you have time to save as much as you can. I saved $12,000 before my 1st day. That allowed me to work just part-time (32 hrs/week) 1st semester, (10 hrs/week) 2nd semester & (20 hrs/week) 1st half of 3rd semester & (0 hrs/weeks) 2nd half of 3rd semester. 

There are people that work full-time while attending. I'm not saying that it cant be done, because MOST of the LPNs and Medics are working full-time, BUT it reflects in there grades. 


Its hard to prepare for! Its covers EVERYTHING. I have been doing UWORLD questions for NCLEX, so I didn't study anything in particular. Some of the questions were similar! I figured "If I don't know it now, then I'm screwed!!!!" ....I just took a chance on what I knew!

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