Friday, April 30, 2021

04/30/2021 Finished Preceptorship/Capstone

 I finished my Mandatory 120 hr Preceptorship. Overall, my experience was GREAT! I can say that the nurses & my preceptor was the best. The experience gave to a look into what the job will be. I can honestly say that I WOULD DEFINITELY take a job there and drive 1hr 30min .... That's how comfortable I felt! I wasn't made to feel "stupid" on things I didn't know OR simple stuff I forgot. My preceptor went over each patient we received, and let me take the primary role once she felt I was ready (my 2nd day lol). 

Key Points:

1. Faculty will make site visits and check on you. Make sure that your "paperwork" (Timesheet & daily goals) are up to date. 

2. Don't slack off. You never know who is watching. Where I did my preceptorship, my preceptor, charge nurse, and MANY others have graduated from the same program. Keep your phone off the floor. Uniform must be "up to par".

3. It's YOUR experience. This is the time to see if you can "handle" this dept or to single out where you want to work. Hopefully, you get the unit of your choice!

4. Have fun! 

So now, I've turned in my preceptor packet, finished my FCCE narratives, turned in my hospital badge, & picked up the study manual for the 3 day HESI Review Course next week! 

2 weeks till Graduation!!!!!!

Almost there!

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