Wednesday, March 24, 2021

03/24 Day before the last Unit Exam for NUR 213

 Tomorrow I take the last unit exam of NUR 213. So far I have a B in this class as well. This semester has been busy. I've done 5 exams, a teaching project, a Hesi Review Course, finished clinicals, and finished the last module of nursing school. I was able to contact the preceptor for my Capstone (120 hr preceptorship mandated by the NC Board Of Nursing). I hate that her schedule is nights at a hospital 1hr and 30 min away from me, but it's ok. I'm just trying to finish. I've turned in my clinical badge (clinicals are done! yay). But, I've picked up capstone packet from school which had my new badge for preceptorship, N95 respirator, & info to set up my N95 fitting at employee health (great, another 1hr & 30 min drive). I've already applied & registered with NC Board or Nursing which covered my background check, and I went to the Sheriffs office to submit my fingerprints. Looks like its winding down. I'm having more time because all we have left after tomorrow's exam is the final, NUR 213 Hesi, RN Exit Hesi, and CAT Hesi. 

* Key Points

*Knock out your "busy work" EARLY!

*Keep your calendar Up To Date!!!!

*Don't get frustrated when you get your preceptorship, and it's not what you asked for. Even though we had a "wish list" when it came to department & location, it's up to the facility, not the school!!!!

Happy Nursing!