Wednesday, April 14, 2021

04/14 NUR 213 Finals

 I made a 90 on the final exam last week. Due to the class technically being like a 8-9 weeks format, I was able to retain most of the info. I had to "go back" and review the 1st few weeks to refresh on the material. e now have 2 FCCE (Focused  Client Care Form post). They each are about 1,000 words, very detailed assessments worth a portion of your grade. Most of the work now is focused on your boarding, preceptorship, & paperwork necessary for the school to maintain incase auditing. I have 3 shifts left on my Capstone/ preceptorship. I have an 87 average so far. 2 more exam (Exit HESI & CAT HESI).

Key Points:

* Push Even Harder

* Don't slack off because you are not finished

* Start studying for HESI Exit & NCLEX

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