Tuesday, May 11, 2021

05/11/2021 CAT HESI EXAM / Officially Finished (Paramedic to RN)

 Today I took the CAT exit exam and passed. That means I'm officially ready for NCLEX. I received my Exit letter from the program today also. We did practice for the pinning ceremony that's going to be on Monday 17th. We graduate this Friday the 14th.

Enjoy yourself! You have made it! 

Overall, it has been tough. It was more challenging than I originally thought. It's been a very humbling experience, thinking that my paramedic experience would get me though. I was a looooong way off! Take this school serious, make the time for study, and remember that you have to fight for your seat in the program (no matter where you go). If you get, respect it and work like someone is trying to get your seat! Wish me luck on the NCLEX....I wish you guys well....I'm still debating if I will continue posting after this blog!

If not, Happy Nursing & hopefully you got some insight on what the Paramedic to RN transition is like!

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