Friday, May 14, 2021

05/14/2021 Graduation Day

 Today is my graduation. I feel "accomplished"! Hopefully you will also. You have worked hard for this day. It's here. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, this is virtual. At the same time, I get to enjoy this day with my wife and family watching from their homes. As I look forward to my new beginning, was it worth it? YES! Going from Medic to RN gave me $19.85 more dollars/hr, the opportunity to advance degree & career wise. Was it worth the move? YES! It was tough as hell. Some days and test felt like it was working against me. I can say, the drive (1hr 20min) was really therapeutic for me. My mind felt clear, like I was doing the right thing. I didn't like how my previous job "forced" me to choose between school & work, BUT I needed to see that they were NOT in my corner, even when they said they were! Because I have weathered the storm, I have many career options open to me to advance. Hopefully you will see that also. 

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