Thursday, February 18, 2021

02/18 NUR 213 Progress

 So far its been a little over 1 month and it's still tough. I don't know how the rumor started that this was the easiest, but they were wrong. Test wise, this semester is definitely the hardest, but the rubric for percentages to pass the class is better than the previous ones. The content is critical care. I will put this in perspective for you. I've only failed 2 test (the 1st semester, but not including benchmarking for HESI). I've failed the 1 test "this" semester, worse than my first 2 fails. I passed today the hardest test this semester, but made an 82! The content as a medic is not hard. It's dealing w/ mostly critical care, BUT the exam questions are harder. I know that I will pass this semester, but the A that I was looking for, might not be in sight!


KEEP GOING HARD! Don't pick up more hours at work because it's 1 class....It's actually 2 ( Graded Hesi Review Course).

Focus on Getting Better! Don't complain about the difficulty of the test!

It's LOTS of busy work, BUT it helps pad your grade.

Even though you are burned out, keep pushing!

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