Saturday, February 20, 2021

When should I start looking for jobs?

You should start looking for jobs in January (the start of your last semester). Hospitals have "New Grad Nurse Residency Programs". They tend to hire EARLY like Jan/Feb, so if you wait too late, you may not get the positions you may want! I applied in January, and I've interviewed for Neuro Step-Down & ED at WakeMed main campus, Duke University Hospital (ER) and I still have more with WakeMed, Duke, & Vidant. The bigger hospital residency programs are more competitive, but there will be lots of hospitals recruiting your class on a set day with the nursing programs. Internal applicants tend to have better shots at getting what they want, so if you already work at a hospital, talk to the nurse manager of the unit you will be applying too. By now, you should have an idea of where you want to work. 


* Pick your preceptorship according to which "specialty" you want to work! Don't pick a L&D preceptorship if you want to work in the ICU. 

FYI UPDATE: I've accepted a job at Duke University Hospital (Medical Step-down).

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