Saturday, February 20, 2021

What are clinicals like?

 I was thinking out "How to explain the format of clinicals!" Each nursing course has a corresponding clinical. Most of the clinicals are at the hospital. Usually 645am to 1245pm for 1 class or 1245pm to 645pm (if 2 classes that semester). Get the most from your clinicals. You CAN slack off, but TRUST me, it will catch up to you. By the time you are close to graduation, you should be able to handle 2 patients. Most of the time, it will be on a med-surg unit. If you are not a med-surg person, I get it! But, I can say that you will get to do A LOT of basic nursing duties, assessments and skills over and over on a med-surg unit. This is where you can develop your time management skills, customer service, and get familiar with charting on a basic level. Your "specialty" rotations (L&D, Mother/Baby, ED, ICU) will not begin until your 2 & 3rd semester. None of those rotations matter if you can't provide basic nursing care. Concentrate of the basics, assessment, vitals, I/O's, turning your patient on schedule, rounding, hygiene & oral care, med pass, etc. As for me, I only have 1 hospital rotation left (ED) before my preceptorship. Talk to you soon!

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