Monday, January 25, 2021

01/25 Last Semester NUR 213

 So far we have been in this semester for 2 weeks and have already had 2 exams. This semester isn't worse than the last (time wise) BUT it's definitely hella busy. We have 1 class NUR 213. The 1st 8 weeks is class w/ 6 exams and a final, plus an end of course HESI. The 2nd 8 weeks is preceptorship aka capstone. We also have a team teaching project to present "twice", a HESI online review course with 15 "graded" exams, a HESI V2 exam, Exit HESI exam, and a CAT HESI exam. Nursing school does not let up in intensity.

 Our schedule is Tuesday 0645-1845 Clinicals, Wednesday (test day online at home) 0830 -12:30pm, Thursday (on campus) 0830- 1530pm. 

My take is that by now you should be "comfortable" taking nursing test. The content isn't that bad, as in this semester (Emergency, critical care, cardiology etc) you should already be familiar, being a paramedic.

I'm able to work more hrs this semester, than I was the previous. I'm only working 2 days a week this semester. Last semester was only 1 day. 

Happy Nursing,  

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