Saturday, May 9, 2020

End of course review NUR 215 & NUR 117 (Paramedic to RN Bridge)

I made a 95% on the bridge final! My final average was a 90 (B). Pharmacology, I ended with a 93 (A). That was a tough 16 weeks. Mostly, it was due to the mindset transition. I still believe that going through the full program would have probably given me higher grades. Most see that the bridge is only 3 semesters, so therefore it must be easier. Wrong, it's not! It's harder! It was a fight the entire way through.

My recommendations:

Read and stay ahead, don't get behind!

Submit to the nursing way of thinking (at least for school & NCLEX)

Get a NCLEX-RN review book, to see how questions are formed and rationales behind!

Don't get discouraged!

Your classmates will be your family! (Me, David, John, Charles, Paul, Michelle, Kelly, Scott, Brian, and Kasidi).

Reach out to someone who attended before you, to avoid pitfalls!

Happy  Transition!!!

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