Sunday, May 3, 2020

05/03 End of Semester #1

Next week, I take finals for NUR 215 & NUR 117. It's been a "challenging" semester especially with this COVID-19 outbreak. Right now my average is a B in NUR 215 and an A in NUR 117. I would like to end both with an A, and I will try my best. So this is my experience so far! I was really worried about my average around the middle of April. There were 2 really hard test that I made both 76s. Even though I have to finish the class with an 80, I was really worried. Mostly not because I thought that I would fail, but because I was still not grasping the nursing philosophy on the test.

I arranged to speak with my instructor after that test. Something I was missing! After speaking with my DON, I discovered that I was focused on the wrong stuff. I needed to focus on the interventions, nursing care, and pt education. After that, my test taking grades changed. As far as the class schedule, nothing really changed. Our class project was a power-point instead of a display board. We made excellent grades. I also scored good on the end of course HESI. I needed a 900 to bench mark, I scored 1077. As far as my overall view, this is what you need to pass this course.

1. . She will break it down and have a small test.

2. Saunders NCLEX -RN review book! Single best investment I've made. Breaks down each area with bullet-points, and provides test questions w/ rationale. I've even seen some questions out of this book on my test!

3. Invest the time to study. I can't say this enough. Most of the stuff as a medic, you are familiar with and it may seem redundant. But, most of the test questions are based on nursing interventions and patient education. I almost made this mistake during the Perfusion module.

4. Enjoy your life. Take time to watch TV or do what you do!

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