Thursday, December 17, 2020

End of course Review for NUR 212, NUR 113, & NUR 211!

 I had to take a week off before I wrote this post. This was a very challenging semester. I was very tired at the end. I was a little disappointed in myself academic wise. I ended with an 87 (B) in OB, a 91 (B) in Leadership, and a 91 (B) in Med-Surg. I'm normally an A student, but this semester was very unforgiving. On the 3 HESI bench mark exams, I had to remediate on 2 of them. I didn't have a great test taking day that day. We take a 4 week break for Christmas and New Years and we back for the final semester. Looking back, I think its important to prepare "financially" for this semester. Being that 4 days out of week is dedicated to nursing school, I think working full-time will hurt you this semester. We had people in class that worked full-time, and their grades showed. If I could give you any advice, start saving now so that you can work PRN instead of full-time. 1st semester (bridge course), you can work full-time, due to only a 2 day commitment. This semester was waaaayyyyyy more difficult in the context of time, assignments AND material. It was fast paced, content heavy in all classes, assignment due dates everywhere, lots of clinicals, and test were more difficult. You have your "training wheels" in the bridge course. This semester, training wheels were definitely off!

NUR 113 (OB) is very challenging. It has different terminology, and 90% of the content is ante, intra, post-partum care, & newborn. (better brush-up on your APGARS) lol

NUR 212 (Leadership). I didn't find it too challenging. Just understanding budgets, health care systems, managerial content, & terminology.

NUR 211 (Med-Surg) had ALOOOTTTTT of content. Example: Our last exam was 10 chapters. You get the point.

Overall, all the instructors are excellent, knowledgeable, & approachable. They are strict, but loving. 

One the first day, combine all 3 syllabus on 1 calendar, then look at your due dates!


Happy Nursing!

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