Friday, September 25, 2020

09/25 Journey

 This semester is really tough. Lots of reading, studying, & clinical assignments. This is the toughest part of this course. Everyone keeps saying that once you are done with this semester, you are golden. I'm really struggling to stay ahead. I'm behind as we speak. I have 2 exam next week, and I still have modules to listen for lecture and chapter to go over in the book. I've kind of learned a method for studying and for testing. Do as many practice questions as you can.

My Advice:


2. You have to manage your time

3. DO NOT WORK FULL-TIME (start saving money NOW!)

4. Lean on both classmates (LPN/Paramedic and the Traditional Students). The traditional class really helps us. Vice/Versa

5. Take time for yourself. I walk the neighborhood in the daytime to take a break from studying. 

6. Keep your goal in front of you (RN). 

7. Identify someone to be your support system. (My wife is great)

8. Have a classmate you can vent too, but DON"T GOSSIP! 

9. Whateva the instructor tells you, DO IT! DONT MAKE WAVES! Especially doing clinicals, I've seen a NO SO GREAT outcome for some!

10. You don't have that much to go!


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