Friday, August 21, 2020

1st Day Semester 2 (NUR 211, 113, & 212)

 We are "officially" 2nd year ADN students. We are taking NUR 211 (Med-Surg), NUR 113 (OB), and NUR 212 (Nursing Leadership). We also met the traditional students as well. We are considered "transitional" due to the bridges (LPN & Paramedic). It's total 41 students. We are being kept separate from the traditional due to class size. We will merge back 3rd semester. We are starting clinicals next week. It will be good to see UNC Southeastern Regional Hospital again. I always have a great experience at that hospital. I'm starting the OB rotation 1st, out of the cohort. The have us mixed in with the traditional group for clinicals. The energy is good! What is not good is our work load! MAN it's going to be tough! It's busy work AND lots of chapter reading. It's like 11 chapters our 1st week! Next week we have 2 test AND a teaching assignment due!

Advice at this point:

*Merge all syllabus to 1 calendar.

*Find YOUR way to navigate the chapters. The way nursing test are formatted is not by recall, but application & critical thinking. 

* Use outside resources (answer NCLEX style questions related to those chapters) 

* I'm freakin out my 1st week (so is everyone else). Keep this in mind. It was only 10 slots and you got 1, MANY people have fought and are fighting to be in your shoes.........recognize your blessing!

*Lastly, manage your time! You have to manage 3 classes to include clinicals!


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