Friday, February 7, 2020

1st Month of Paramedic to RN

The 1st month has passed, so I will give my 2 cents. Being that the 1st semester is an " accelerated " 1st year of RN program, it will helpful to get your Nursing basics down. We are moving really fast! I feel as though the material is doable, but I suffer by not having a strong basic NURSING foundation. I have to look at youtube videos i.e 4yourcna...etc. Nursing school goes deep into patho, so it's a lot of studying to be done. So far, we have covered legal, safety, infomatics, ergonomics, therapeutic communications etc. mostly foundation stuff. We start clinicals in 2 weeks. We had an intro to doing care plans (they suck), head to toe assessment, 45 min & 10 min (waaayyyyy different than a paramedic assessment).

As a whole, nursing is different. I'm starting to understand how to answer the questions. Most of the questions are not treatment related. It's more educating the patient and safety factors so far. We have had some s/s assessment type questions, but its mostly "how would you educate, or what to look out for" type questions. You have to really know the s/s of stuff. I just purchased as an additional resource. This course is tough. But I'm taking it 1 day at a time!!!!!

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